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The meaning of symbols 
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A selection of Inger's eggs                                                        
Goose eggs (8-10 cm), Hen eggs (6 cm) and Pearl hen eggs (4 cm)


Hand painted fortune bringing eggs                                                     

Give a hand painted egg as a gift and bring fortune to the reciever according to Ukrainian traditions. An egg suits well as a gift for most occasions; weddings, birthdays, christenings, graduations, Christmas, Easter, etc.

The egg can either have painting on both sides or e.g. a name and date on one side which makes it a perfect present for a wedding, birthday, graduation, baptism, etc.

Or simply spoil yourself and hang a few eggs in your Christmas tree or use them as Easter decorations!

All eggs are delivered with a hanging and a suitable ribbon. 

See the links to the left for pictures of the eggs. The rest of the pages are in Swedish, except the descriptions of Symbols and Colors

International orders are accepted if you make a bank transfer in advance to Sweden (can be quite expensive outside the EU). Link with contact information can be found at the bottom of each egg page.

Eggs with light background color (i.e. not black or brown) are more difficult to paint and therefore they have a slightly higher price. Light background colors can sometimes be a bit blotched since they are more affected by the structure of the egg shell.

All eggs are painted and signed by Inger Persson, Stockholm.